Our Debt Free Story

If you told me 5 years ago I’d be living off grid in the woods in a 400 square foot cabin that my husband and I built ourselves with a chainsaw mill, I wouldn’t believe you!

Our story begins in 2018 when I met my husband. We had the house, a cushy 9-5 job, and dreams of starting a family. The only issue was this mortgage that would keep my husband needing to continue to work 40+ hours a week in order to keep the roof over our heads.

After much contemplation we decided to sell 95% of what we owned, get rid of the house, and move into a 1998 Coachman motorhome while we found the land of our dreams to build a homestead and a family on.

Once we found the land, we began building. After 8 months of long and hard work we somehow managed to build the cabin just in time for winter. Milling each and every board ourselves with just a chainsaw mill. Piece by piece the cabin was coming together.

As winter quickly approached, we finally moved in on November and found out I was pregnant with our first child in January.

Moving off grid has been the greatest decision we’ve ever made. We get to live debt free, creatively, and live every day in the present moment. We get to raise our family together and focus on building the land of our dreams.

To say this has been hard work would be a complete understatement. But hard work that was rewarding in every sense of the word.

Why spend 40+ hours a week working for someone else’s dream, away from your home and family, when you can put that time towards living out your dreams.

Watch our off grid cabin build

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