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When we found out we were expecting our baby, friends and family were quick to tell us everything we “needed.” Living in our 400 sq ft. Off grid Cabin , I quickly realized I could not fit everything everyone said we “needed.” To avoid getting unnecessary items, I chose not to have a baby shower. Instead, we had a meet and greet party once our bundle of joy was 3 months old. 

I knew I did need some stuff and ended up throwing myself into the rabbit hole of the ABSOLUTE BABY ESSENTIALS. Nothing more, nothing less, and once baby arrived, we could always order what we needed. 

Along with us having minimal space in our house, I cringed at the baby market. Everything is encouraged to buy new and gender specific. Knowing we will be having more children and we didn’t know the gender of this baby prior to arrival, I wanted lots of solid colored items that could be used for future babies. I encouraged second hand shopping and hand-me-downs of any capacity. 

And that is exactly what we did and I couldn’t be happier. When people asked what they could contribute, I was extremely specific, and included basically only the essentials, on a small minimalist baby registry that I made on Amazon.

Having a baby on the way we did need to tweak our off-grid setup to have a more comfortable setup once baby arrived. For example, we upgraded to lithium-ion batteries, added additional solar panel, and installed a washing machine.

Below I’ve listed items that I found to be essential for a mama who is looking to keep things simple. Whether you don’t like clutter, or live in a small space, or live an alternate lifestyle.

Mini Crib

This is a mini crib. Which means it’s the same length but different width. Also converts as baby grows. I’m an exclusively breast feeding mama so I find co sleeping to be the best option for my family. This crib is nice because the one side can be removed, and mattress lifts up, converting itself to a side sleeper. I recommend getting two sheets, so you can have a backup sheet if one gets solid. This is the mattress I went with. 

For the co-sleeping mamas, I highly recommend getting a mattress protector. Lots of fluids being thrown around these days ! Ha! This is the one we use for our queen mattress. 


Great for collecting excess milk in the early months!

Snot sucker

An absolute must ! So helpful when they get their first cold. 

Changing table

Since we cloth diaper, it’s been nice having a designated area to change the baby. I just put this on top of a dresser. The liners are especially nice to have incase baby pees while you’re changing the diaper. I do recommend two sheets.

Cloth diapers 

We do 80/20 cloth diapering. Cloth at home, disposables at night and when we are out of the home. I have a whole separate blog post here about my cloth diaper setup. I love the pocket system with the reusable waterproof shell, and add inserts. I also chose to do cloth wipes when home.

I wash my diapers about every 3 days. I’d recommend about 10 shells and 50 inserts. These are the diapers I use.

Newborn –

One size – Kanga Care Rumparooz

Bamboo Inserts –

Cloth wipes –

Muslin swaddle blankets  

These have been so multi purpose. I keep one everywhere. On the couch, diaper bag, and by the bed. I use them as a burp cloth, blanket, changing mat when out in public, and nursing cover 

Night Light 

Great to have a little extra light to nurse at night without having to turn a lamp on. 

Solly Baby Wrap 

Where do I even begin…I love baby wearing. I put it on when I get dressed in the morning, then take it off right before bed. It’s a game changer. The material is light like a T-shirt so easy to keep on when baby is not in it. I have two so I have a backup while one is in the wash. I use my wrap all day around the house and use it instead of a stroller. Baby naps all day in it and when awake, looks all around. 


I can’t find my exact one but here’s a similar one. I was against one of these for a long time, but it’s been so nice to have a designated safe spot to put baby. Whether you need to shower, grab the laundry, or load up the wood stove, I highly recommend a baby chair.

Castile Soap

So multi purpose. I use this to make a cloth wipe spray, make my own baby wash, and hand soap. 

Sound Machine 

I just use an app called White Noise. Been essential to keep Baby sleeping all through the night. 

Diaper Bag Back Pack 

I was against a diaper bag for a while. I started just using an old backpack I had lying around. But then I was gifted a diaper backpack and I couldn’t be happier. When you open the zipper you can see everything inside and it’s not a black hole, it has pockets everywhere, and even a baby wipe spot. With the backpack design, it’s so easy to carry

Nail Trimmer 

No need to fear cutting your baby’s Tiny little fingers!

Car Seat 


Everyone you know will want you give your baby clothes. One thing I did not know prior to being a mama, is double zipper onesies and zipper from the bottom onesies! Total game changers! 

As an off grid mom who lives in a tiny house, I find these items to be incredibly helpful. Would love to know your baby essential items !

Thanks for coming to my corner of the internet ! 

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