Easy Homemade Baby Wipe Spray

When I started cloth diapering, my favorite benefit was seeing the money I was saving for my family. I quickly began doing cloth wipes and made a DIY cloth wipe spray. This gave me peace of mind that my baby’s bum was getting clean, I knew how to pronounce all the ingredients, and we started to save a ton of money.

As any mom can agree, baby wipes are a non negotiable. But like diapers, you go through tons of wipes. After reading the back of the packaging I realized the primary ingredient is water! Then after doing some research I realized I could easily make this spray at home with products I already had in my house. With just 3 ingredients + water and 5 minutes , this couldn’t be an easier DIY.

Castile Soap

I love buying the baby unscented Castile soap by the gallon. A little goes a long way and you can make so many things with it. I make a DIY baby wash, foaming hand soap, and this baby wipe spray to name a few. It’s super affordable and versatile. A gallon easily lasts me over a year and stores nicely in my tiny house bathroom. I prefer to go unscented to avoid any harsh ingredients, and I love how gentle the baby unscented Castile soap is on my baby.

Aloe Vera

As with any soaps, they can dry out the skin. So I like to add a little aloe vera in my baby wipe spray to add moisture and smooth my baby’s bum. Aloe is not only a great house plant, but is also a super versatile item to have in your bathroom cabinets. It’s moisturizing, relieves inflammation and helps to heal any wounds you may have on your skin. Aloe is very gentle and an easy addition to this DIY.

Vitamin E

I love vitamin e! Not just for myself, but for my baby too. Another prominent ingredient in baby wipes, because it’s incredible for your skin! Super nourishing, healing, and soothing. It’s all natural and great for adding moisture to dry skin. A little goes a long way so you only need to add a little to your baby wipe spray. Another very adorable item to add to your arsenal.

Benefit of Making Your Own Baby Wipe Spray

With the prices of everything going up, if I can find a way to save some money, I’m all for it. Especially for something you just throw away when done. I understand paying for convenience. Especially when I’m traveling, a disposable wipe is super easy. But when I’m home, I’m already doing laundry for my cloth diapers so why not add a little more to the hamper. (Click here to read my cloth diaper essentials ) this recipe costs just pennies once you have the ingredients already in your home and one batch will easily last me a couple weeks.

With the skin being the largest organ in our body, it’s good to know what we are putting on it. And our baby’s bodies are no exception. With their skin being extra sensitive, I do my best to put gentle clean ingredients on it at all times. And just like a baby wipe, this recipe is multi purpose. So feel free to use this all over your baby’s body.

Wipe Materials

You have a couple different options. First option, which is the cheapest, just cut up some flannel or receiving blankets. I personally love using old flannel fabric because it’s super soft and absorbent. Receiving blankets also do a great job. Both you can find at a thrift store for just a couple of dollars. Cut them up and reuse. Second option, is to buy reusable cloth wipes. These are the ones I bought off of Amazon. If they get stained, just lay them out in the sun for a few hours and the stains will magically vanish.


I throw them right in my cloth diaper laundry pale. Click here to read about my cloth diaper essentials. I have tried a few different laundry detergents and have found molly sudds baby detergent to be the best at tackling both stains and smell. I do not use a stain remover, I just leave them out in the sun. I hang them to dry inside in the winter, outside on the clothes line in the summer.

The Recipe

Combine aloe, Castile soap, vitamin e, and water to an empty spray bottle. Feel free to use a bottle you already have laying around the house. I found this bottle from the dollar store. And that’s it!


-after you let it sit a couple hours, the bubbles will dissolve at the top.

-this recipe usually lasts me about a week but can easily be stored for months. Just be sure to give a good shake before use if it’s sat for a while. 

This recipe take less than 5 minutes to make, uses clean ingredients, and will save you a ton of money. I hope this recipe serves you and your baby well! I would love to hear what you think in the comments below! Enjoy!

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