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Sometimes we just need a grab and go quick nutritious snack. Whether you’re on the go or want a little treat when the kids go to bed. These date energy balls are jammed packed with natural sweetness that make it feel like a chocolate dessert. It’s also loaded with healthy ingredients making it filling and nutritious, It’s the perfect snack. 

These date energy balls come together in less than 15 minutes, only tools needed is a food processor, and can stay in the fridge for weeks. 

Living off grid in a cabin in the woods, I love finding delicious snacks that are primarily made of pantry staples. Click here to read our off grid debt free story.  These were a staple during my pregnancy, loaded with dates and oats, I found them super easy to add to my meal prep recipes.  Click here to read my baby essentials. 


Dates are not only delicious, but super nutritious. Naturally sweet, making them nature’s candy. Loaded with fiber and antioxidants. Full of vitamins such as potassium and magnesium. Excellent for your brain and can possibly help with natural labor. Like giant raisins, Dates are often sold with or without pits. I tend to buy the ones with pits and just remove them before adding to the blender. 


Oat flour is simple to make, just blend oats in your blender or food processor and boom, oat flour. Naturally gluten free, it helps keep you fuller longer, and has antioxidants. Oats are Heart healthy and full of protein. Great source of fiber, magnesium, zinc and iron. Easily used in baked goods such as pancakes or muffins. Click here to check out my butternut squash muffins. 


I could go on forever about my love of cacao. This chocolatey goodness is known as a super food and can easily be added to sweet chocolate treats such as hot chocolate, granola, or coffee for a mocha vibe. Incredible for your brain and mental health, cacao contains theobromine, a natural, mild stimulant similar to caffeine, and can uplift your mood. It’s known to help relieve stress and anxiety, and it’s also great for your skin, feel free to make a DIY face mask with cacao! 

Ground Flaxseed

Flaxseed is an excellent pantry staple. Jammed pack with omega 3 fatty acids, loaded with vitamins such as magnesium, zinc, and iron, just to name a few. Rich in fiber, may stabilize blood sugar levels and promote blood sugar control. Flaxseed is super versatile. Add to your yogurt, smoothies, or granola. Need an egg in a recipe ? Use flaxseed instead! Perfect for pancakes, meatloaf, or even meatballs.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are the perfect addition to your pantry. Loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. High in calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Chia seeds are super easy to add to any meal. Salads, granola, meat loaf, yogurt or smoothies. With zero flavor, just added texture, you can basically add chia seeds to anything. 

Hemp Hearts 

Hemp hearts are another excellent pantry staple to have on hand. Highly nutritious, hemp hearts are loaded with protein, vitamins, omega 3s and 6s! Which means it’s great for your heart and brain. Another easy thing to add to meals. Yogurt, granola, meatballs, or sprinkle on top of a salad. No flavor noticeable, just delicious texture. 

Maple syrup

Not all maple syrup is created equal. I highly recommend buying as local as you can. The more local, the higher the quality. Local syrup is rich and pure, straight from the tree. Ensure your syrup is thick, dark in color, and only contains 100% pure maple syrup- No additives or fillers. It’s my primary sweetener that I use in my house, along side honey. 

Which nuts to choose

I have tried many different combinations of nuts in this recipe. Basically, just use what you have. A bag of mixed nuts, cashews and walnuts. Or you can make a nut selection by choosing the nutrient content. If you have to use salted nuts, just eliminate the additional salt in the recipe. 

Cashews – rich in protein, healthy fats, and antioxidants

Pine nuts – high in omega 3, fiber, and protein

Pecans – anti inflammatory, high in healthy fats and vitamins. 

Walnuts – great for your gut, omega 3s, anti inflammatory, and high in antioxidants. 

How to make 

This recipe comes together in less than 15 minutes and uses only a food processor and your hands to roll. You could use a blender but I find a food processor to be way easier because of its shallow bowl. 

First, combine your dry ingredients in a food processor. Add in oats. 

Note: (optional)  save ½ cup of oats to pulse in at the end for added texture. 

Next, flaxseed, chia seed, hemp hearts and cacao. 

Blend on high for about a minute. Until the oats have turned into flour. 

Now toss in the coconut, nuts, cinnamon, and salt in the food processor. 

Blend on high for another minute until finely ground. 

Add in wet ingredients- dates ,syrup, and ¼ cup of water and blend. 

Note: you may need to add up to another ¼ of a cup of water. Depending on your blender power. Be patient. Blend on high for about 4 minutes. Occasionally scraping down the sides to incorporate the dates. Blend until dough is a paste like consistency.

Optional- now pulse in the remaining cup of oats that you put aside for texture.

Roll into bite size Balls. 

Optional- top with flakey salt. 

Enjoy as is, pop in the fridge for a little to firm up, or throw in freezer for a dessert treat later. 

These date energy balls are so indulgent, gooey, and nutritious. I love snacking on these throughout the day or saving for a late night snack. A delicious chocolatey treat, naturally sweet, and a snack you can feel good about feeding to your family. . 

Taking less than 15 minutes to make, only using one dish, I hope you enjoy how easily this snack comes together. Have faith in your food processor. In the beginning it will look like the dates will never get blended. Just gradually add water and eventually it will make a yummy dough. 

Feel free to lick the bowl! 


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